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From the 10th of July 2018 Katana Judo Kai will be running two sessions a week as we carry on where Koi Judo Club left off with training on Tuesday evenings at the Kingswood Community Association, High Street, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 4AB. 

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About Katana Judo Kai:

Katana Judo Kai opened it's doors for the first time on Friday November 1st 2013, with sessions starting at 7pm for children aged 5 - 12 and 8pm for children aged 13 - 15 and Seniors (16+).

Katana Judo Kai is a Judo club based in Bristol teaching Judo to people of all ages from 5 up.

As a member of the British Judo Council (BJC), Katana Judo Kai can take advantage of a national governing body and send it's members to participate in competitions, courses and gradings. Many of these events will be hosted by the Avon Area of the BJC, a group of clubs mainly within Bristol & South Gloucestershire, but also in BANES and Wiltshire, which the club is also a part of.

Katana Judo Kai is located in the community room in Netham Park Pavilion, Avonvale Road, Redfield, Bristol, BS5 9RZ. We look forward to seeing you there.

We are also the only BJC club within the Avon Area to have a coach who has attended a Visually Impaired (VI) Referee course.

Recent events:

Some of our younger members recently took part in their first competition experience at the Bristol Judo Club BJA Under 8's session & Interclub. All of the under 8's won at least one contest each while the one entry in the Interclub had a tough group and came away with a bronze medal. Well done to all who took part, a lot learned in one day and an experience to take into the next competition.



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