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About Katana Judo Kai:

Katana Judo Kai opened it's doors for the first time on Friday November 1st 2013, with sessions starting at 7pm for children aged 5 - 12 and 8pm for children aged 13 - 15 and Seniors (16+).

Katana Judo Kai is a Judo club based in Bristol teaching Judo to people of all ages from 5 up.

As a member of the British Judo Council (BJC), Katana Judo Kai can take advantage of a national governing body and send it's members to participate in competitions, courses and gradings. Many of these events will be hosted by the Avon Area of the BJC, a group of clubs mainly within Bristol & South Gloucestershire, but also in BANES and Wiltshire, which the club is also a part of.

Katana Judo Kai is located in the community room in Netham Park Pavilion, Avonvale Road, Redfield, Bristol, BS5 9RZ. We look forward to seeing you there.

We are also the only BJC club within the Avon Area to have a coach who has attended a Visually Impaired (VI) Referee course.

From Tuesday 10th of July 2018 Katana Judo Kai also took over the running of Judo sessions at the Kingswood Community Centre from Koi Judo Club. These sessions start at 7pm for children (ages 5 - 15) and at 8pm for Seniors (ages 16+)

Coming up:

On Sunday 18th of November, some of our more experienced members will be taking part in the BJC Closed National Championships in Kettering. Good luck to everyone taking part!

Recent events:

Yate Star Under 8's training & Interclub competition - Sunday 4th November 2018.

Sunday 4th of November saw the younger members of the club taking part in a training event hosted by Yate Star Judo Club, which includes a practice competition where the children can learn how to respond to Referee's calls and how to approach & leave a contest area.

Antoni was taking part in his second event of this kind, with the previous one also being hosted by Yate Star Judo Club. In between the training sessions Antoni's practice contests went well with a draw in his first contest before winning his second contest by Waza'Ari and the final contest by Ippon.

Also taking part in what may well be his last Under 8's training session before being able to take part in the Interclub competitions was Lucas. Lucas has experienced many Under 8's training sessions in the past and always does well. This time was no different with all three practice contests that he took part in, he won by an Ippon hold down.

Later in the afternoon was the Interclub, where Katana Judo Kai was represented by four members. Skye was the only girl representing the club this day and had two contests in her group where she won the first contest by turning in for a left handed throw with a right handed grip and then finished the contest with a hold down. Unfortunately in her second contest she managed to pick up a slight injury to her ankle and had to withdraw from that contest to finish with the Silver medal.

On to the boys where Koen and Oliver were drawn in the same pool and had to compete against each other. Luckily the contest between them came in the final round. Koen started the group with a quick Tai Otoshi within three seconds for an Ippon to claim the win. Meanwhile in Oliver's first contest, and his first experiance of Judo outside of the club environment, he showed good promise turning in and at one point managing to lift his opponent off the ground. Unfortunately, his lack of experience meant he was unable to finish the throw and as the contest went on he was caught by his opponent. In the second round of contests, Oliver came up against the opponent Koen fought in the first round and was able to throw him for an Ippon win, whereas Koen came up against the opponnent that beat Oliver in the first round. In this contest Koen started brightly and managed to take his opponent down to the ground but managed to find himself being held down, unable to escape before the call of Ippon. The final contest for both Oliver & Koen was against each other, both of them were trying to attack and throw each other, but it was Koen who managed to throw Oliver for an Ippon and claim the Silver medal for himself and the Bronze medal for Oliver.

Last but not least for Katana Judo Kai was Preston, taking part in his second Interclub competition, with the first one also being at Yate Star Judo Club. Preston had two others in his pool and was unlucky to lose his first contest, but managed to pull it back and win the second contest with an Ippon to earn himself a Silver medal.

 Results summary:

Antoni - Under 8's attendance medal

Lucas - Under 8's attendance medal

Skye - Silver

Koen - Silver

Oliver - Bronze

Preston - Silver

Well done all of you! 

Oxfordshire Area Open - Sunday 21st October 2018.

Sunday 21st of October saw Five members of Katana Judo Kai take part in the Oxfordshire Area Open. For some this was their first experience at a BJC Competition, whereas for others it was another piece of competitive experience to add to their repertoire.

Following a two-hour delay on one of the contest areas due to an injury in the Senior category, it was the Primary girls that got started for Katana Judo Kai, with Ella, Amelia & Lani all on the mat at the same time, albeit in different categories. Ella was the youngest and smallest of the three and was first up in her group. Unfortunately, Ella didn't win an individual contest, but came off the mat with a smile having enjoyed her experience and will no doubt bring that experience back to the club to work hard for the next competition. Second up out of the three girls was Amelia, entering her first ever BJC Competition and only her second competitive experience having taken part in the Yate Star Interclub back in June. Her first contest ended with her throwing her opponent for Ippon within 13 seconds. In her second contest she managed to throw her opponent for a Yuko score and kept attacking throughout the contest until it reached the end of time. Having that Yuko score to her opponents nil scores meant that she also won that contest and earned herself the Gold medal. Last but not least for the Primary girls was Lani, who has a wealth of competitive experience and led the other two in the warm up prior to the groups getting started also had two contests in her category. Both of her contests were finished as a result of ippon throws where she also followed her opponents down into a hold down to make sure the other girls would not have a chance to get back up and throw her, also earning herself a Gold medal.

After the girls, it was the Primary boys turn and flying solo in this group was Antoni. This was Antoni's first real competition, he has previously taken part in the Under 8's training session at Yate where he was able to get some competitive understanding but there is no training session involved with BJC Competitions. Antoni had an extra contest compared to the girls who all had two contests each, with three other boys in his category. Antoni did extremely well for his first competition and won one out of three contests to earn himself a Bronze medal.

The final representative for Katana Judo Kai was Tayler-Anne, taking part in the Junior girls' section of the competition and she also had three contests in her group. During her second contest, against a left-handed opponent, Tayler decided to also take a left-handed grip and tried turning both left & right handed to throw her opponent but was unfortunate for her work to be thrown and held down in both her her first and second contests. Her third and final contest started much the same as the previous contests, with Tayler turning in to attack, but it was when her opponent tried to step in for a failed attack that she was able to counter her opponent backwards to throw her for Ippon to win the contest and earn herself a Bronze medal.

Results summary:

Ella - Bronze

Amelia - Gold

Lani - Gold

Antoni - Bronze

Tayler-Anne - Bronze

Well done to everyone that took part. You all showed good Judo and did yourselves proud.


Sunday 30th of September saw seven members of Katana Judo Kai take part in an Avon Area Grading held at our own Kingswood Dojo. All members showed excellent technique and all progressed onto their next grades. 


Two of our younger members took part in the Kettering Charity International competition, aimed at raising money for the British Heart Foundation & the Teenage Cancer Trust, on Saturday 22nd of September. Both girls did extremely well and both came back with Silver medals.

Some of our younger members took part in the under 8's training session and Interclub competition hosted by Yate Star Judo Club on July 15th 2018. For some of them this was their first experience of a competitive Judo environment and all of them did themselves proud and all won at least one contest each.



During June 2018 two of our Senior club members earned a whole set of medals between them at three competitions.

At the start of the month Club coach Matt travelled to Holland to take part in the Venray International Judo Tournament where he earned a Bronze medal after losing his first contest and fighting his way back through the repechage to win the medal.

Following this Debbie Small made the shorter trip to Scotland to participate in the European Masters Championships where she was a part of the British team to win a Bronze medal as well as winning every contest in her individual category for the Gold medal and the title of European Champion.

The final medal came from Matt as he made his way to the Kent International in Medway. Winning the first two contests strongly Matt then was caught in his final round robin contest to settle for the Silver medal.




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