Information on getting started with Katana Judo Kai

Getting started in Judo with Katana Judo Kai could not be easier.

When you turn up for your first lesson you do not need to worry about bringing any kit with you. You will need to wear track suit or jogging bottoms with no zips or metal of any kind and jackets & belts will be provided. Under the jacket boys do not wear t-shirts but girls should wear a high neck t-shirt, to start this can be any colour while training but if entering courses, competitions and  / or gradings should be white. 

When you turn up for your first training session the normal mat fee (£2.50 for primaries & Juniors 5 - 15, and £3.00 for Seniors 16+) will need to be paid. We will ask you before getting on the mat to complete a short contact information form. Alternatively, to save time you can download and print your own copy of our welcome pack here, complete the membership form on the final page and bring it with you to the club. 

If you decide to come back for your second session, we will need a payment of £10 for your provisional licence as well as the normal mat fee. A Provisional licence is a temporary three month membership and insurance coverage with the British Judo Council (BJC). There will be no more forms to fill in as we will use the information on the form completed during your first session. This membership allows you to train at any BJC club, prior to the expirey of the licence but does not allow entry into courses, competitions or gradings. These can only be entered upon purchase of a full licence.

Once your provisional licence expires there are two options when upgrading to a full licence. 1 - You can return your provisional licence to the BJC and extend your membership by a further nine months and reduce the cost of the full licence by the £10 provisional licence fee. 2 - You can purchase a full years membership to start from the date that the provisional licence expires. 

While we do have spare jackets for people to use, it is preferred that when you decide to keep up with Judo that you purchase a Judogi (judo kit). These can be purchased from the club and will come with the club logo embroidered onto it. Take a look at our online club shop for more details or if you prefer can be ordered at the club.

As mentioned above, any Judogi purchased frm the club will come pre embroidered with the club logo. Click here to download a copy of the information sheet for all badges and logo's that members of the club could potentially have and earn to wear on their Judogi.