Here we aim to build a list of Judo links to other websites that may be useful to members of Katana Judo Kai.


The British Judo Council it the governing body which Katana Judo Kai is affiliated to, their website also shows other events that are happening around the country:

The following clubs also make up the Avon Area and Senior members from these clubs form the area committee who organise all of the area events. Many of the clubs training halls will also be used for area events such as Area training sessions & gradings.

The distances shown below are approximate distances from Katana Judo Kai at Netham Park.

Katana Judo Kai - Kingswood Dojo; 2.5 Miles; Map 

Kobushi Judo Club; 3.6 Miles; Website / Map

Blackhorse Judo Club; 7.2 Miles; Website / Map

Shidokai Judo Club; 10.9 Miles; Map

Lea Judo Club; 30.7 Miles; Website  / Map

The following clubs are members of the Bristol County of the British Judo Association that regularly hold competitions and training events that we as a club try to attend where possible:

New Star Sea Mills Judo Club; 6.0 Miles; Map

Patchway Judo Club; 9.4 Miles; Map 

Yate Star Judo Club; 9.5 Miles; Map 

More information about other BJA clubs in Bristol can be found on the Bristol County website 


A special thanks goes to the BJC British Judo Foundation for providing a grant that enabled us to purchase the crash mats that we use at the club.

The Foundation do not just provide grants to clubs wishing to purchase mats but also to individuals looking to go to training courses or help them buy the equipment needed to stay involved in Judo.

Their website, where you can see what sort of things people have successfully received grants for and grant application forms is:


Please check back soon while we update this page with more links...